Module insert with V-blade

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Self-adjusting cutting and stripping tool (No. 8146) for modern electrical installations and equipment circuitry (90% of all wires can be stripped without any adjustment of the tool)
The use of easily exchangeable module inserts allows accurate stripping of a wide range of insulation materials, including PVC and PTFE, with just one tool
Dimensions: 191 x 123 x 20 mm
Stripping capacity: 8146-1 with flat blade: 0.02-10 mm2 / AWG 34-8 (for PVC insulation) 8146-2 with round blade: 4-16 mm2 / AWG 12-6 8146-3 with V blade: PTFE 0.1-4 mm2 / AWG 26-12 (for all types of insulation)
Cutting values: Flexible wires up to 10 mm2 / AWG 8 Rigid wires up to 1.5 mm2 / AWG 16