Torque wrench TSN-SLIPPER 40-125 Nm pre-set

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Controlled screw tightening in the range 40 N·m - 125 N·m
Serial / production-line assembling
Extremely long-term work Features:
Pre-set production torque wrench - without scale
1/2" square drive with ball locking device
With integrated ratchet-function for controlled clockwise tightening
Working accuracy: +/- 4% tolerance of the set torque
Acc. to DIN EN ISO 6789, traceable to national standards
Precision mechanism slips very noticeably and audibly ("click") when the pre-set value is achieved - over-tightening is not possible
Automatic resetting to the starting position
4 models in the range 3 N·m to 125 N·m
Lightweight yet robust and corrosion-resistant construction design
Very convenient non-slip rubber handgrip
The pre-setting can be made at the factory or by the user on suitable torque testers
If ordering, please specify the N·m value - if a factory pre-setting is desired (price on request) Scope of delivery:
Torque wrench type TSN SLIPPER
Special adjusting key for changing the pre-set torque value
Operating instructions
Test certificate acc. to DIN EN ISO 6789
Delivered in sturdy cardboard packaging