Torque Screwdriver 0.5-4.5 Nm

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  • Controlled screw tightening in the range 0.5 - 4.5 N·m
  • Serial manufacture with constant tightening value
  • Electronic industry, precision mechanics and industrial manufacturing


  • Pre-set torque screwdriver without a scale
  • With 1/4" female hexagon drive for use with 1/4" hexagon bits as per DIN 3126 - C 6.3
  • Classified to DIN EN ISO 6789:2003 Type II Class F, with a factory certificate allowing for operations to be traced back
  • Calibrated to a permitted +/- 6 % deviation of the set torque
  • Precision radial ball clutch and cam design for controlled bi-directional tightening
  • Precision mechanism slips very noticeably through when set torque is reached
  • Automatic resetting to the starting position
  • Fatigue-free working due to an ergonomic hand grip and a smoth tool reset action
  • Calibration stickers can be easily applied to the purpose designed nose
  • The pre-setting can be made at the factory or by the user on suitable torque testers
  • If ordering, please specify the N·m value - if a fixed factory setting is desired (price on request)

Scope of delivery:

  • Torque screwdriver type PGNP FS
  • Models 4.5 and 13.5 with additional sliding T-bar for ease of use
  • Test certificate acc. to DIN EN ISO 6789
  • Delivered in sturdy cardboard packaging