DREMOMETER BC 1/2" 40-200 Nm"

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Controlled screw tightening in the range 40 - 200 N·m
Ideal for the automotive industry
Utilisation in all areas of industrial manufacturing Features:
Torque wrench with 1/2" single square drive for controlled clockwise tightening (type BC no. 8573) or double square drive for bi-directional tightening (type BCL no. 8578)
1/2" square drive with ball locking device DIN 3120 - A 12.5, ISO 1174
Acc. to DIN EN ISO 6789, traceable to national standards
Automatic short-path actuation with tactile impulse and audible signal
Working accuracy: +/- 3% tolerance of scale set torque
Full-metal construction from high-strength aluminium alloy
Dual scale with a scale graduation of 5 N·m and 5 lbf·ft
If ordering with pre-set-value locking and safety device (type BC/BCL A+S no. 7573/7578), please specify the N·m value - if fixed factory-pre-setting is desired (price on request) Scope of delivery:
Torque wrench of type DREMOMETER (if set ordered (-03/-04), this includes the accessories listed in the tables)
Test certificate acc. to DIN EN ISO 6789
Operating instructions
The individual wrench is delivered in a sturdy black plastic box (-00). On request, also available in a solid metal case, torque wrench only (-02) or as a set (-03/-04)"